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«The G.M. Petukhov Dance Ensemble «Yeniseiskie Zori»

The G.M. Petukhov Municipal Dance Ensemble «Yeniseiskie Zori» is considered to be among the main cultural brands of Krasnoyarsk and a true keeper of Siberian dancing tradition.

Today, Yeniseiskie Zori is an established part of both Russian and world culture, with the collective’s high skill and passion for authentic Siberian culture. The ensemble boasts of having been on tours in more than thirty countries all over the world with even more to be visited in the future. Moreover, invitations to such iconic international festivals as Harbin Summer Music and Russian Culture in Japan have been a fine addition to the Yeniseiskie Zori’s portfolio for quite some time.

The ensemble shows have it all – tales and legends, lyric poetry and comedy pieces, yet something remains invariable: balance between high professionalism and emotion of its performance. Every concert of the Yeniseiskie Zori dance ensemble is a big cultural event and a celebration, leaving audiences an impression of powerful Siberia for years to come.

The journey of the legendary ensemble goes back to 1969 and is tied to the name of a talented choreographer and dance director Gennady Petukhov, who was the first to single-handedly create a dancing routine for a collective of gifted students from the Siberian State Institute of Technology.

Over the years of constant performing, Yeniseiskie Zori has evolved into the professional dance company from an amateur group of college kids. During international tours, the ensemble members were regarded and rated as professionals. Oftentimes, the public would not believe these were young students dancing.

For both the high performance and idea- and thematically-oriented culture, repertoire diversity and the great work on developing creative arts the ensemble was awarded the title of the Lenin Komsomol Prize Laureate of Krasnoyarsk Region (1976).

In July 1995, by the Decree of the Krasnoyarsk city administration, the dance ensemble Yeniseiskie Zori was registered as a Municipal Budgetary Institution of Culture. In March 1996, the dance company was named after Gennady Mikhailovich Petukhov.

Yeniseiskie Zori has repeatedly performed on the stage of the State Kremlin Palace, participated in the opening and closing ceremonies of the V and VI Winter Spartakiades of Peoples of the USSR, the XXII Olympic Winter Games, and the XII World Festival of Youth and Students, the XXIX Winter Universiade in Krasnoyarsk.

The sheer mastery of the talented Siberians has already left audiences from Hungary, Romania, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, the USA, Vietnam, Korea, the Philippines, Mongolia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, India, Austria, Italy, China, Japan and other countries absolutely thrilled.

In 2001, the soloist of the Mikhail Godenko Krasnoyarsk State Academic Dance Ensemble of Siberia, Honoured Artist of Russia Igor Victorovich Gorlov and People's Artist of the Russian Federation Lydia Dziobak became the artistic director and choreographer-stage director of the ensemble respectively.

Today, the dance company carefully preserves the traditions of folk dance and creates new choreography routines. The examples of said traditional folk culture are the productions Golden Russia, Farewell to Winter, The Maiden Ornaments, the one-act ballet Sayan Legend, Siberian Play, suites Krasny Yar and Domes of Russia.

The latest history of the ensemble is full of large-scale events. The project of the ensemble the Siberian Dance Studio has become a landmark event for the Krasnoyarsk culture. Every year, both the dancers and choreographers of the ensemble become mentors for amateur choreographic groups of Krasnoyarsk. The members of the dance company introduce young and adult amateur dancers to the culture of folk dance. The striking result of this practice and master classes is the collaboration concert programme on the main stage of the Krasnoyarsk Region.

On the eve of its half-century anniversary, the ensemble prepared a large cultural experiment. The play-reflection on the works of Vasily Surikov consists of eight performances based on paintings by this legendary Krasnoyarsk artist. «Surikov. The Experiment» is an attempt at a philosophical, dramatic conceptualization of Surikov’s heritage. This is an unforgettable show that is using brand new choreographic vocabulary, video and light effects and other components of a true stage play.

More than fifty years of the ensemble’s creative growth and enthusiasm have been accompanied by the love of the audience and the devotion of Krasnoyarsk to the unique Siberian dance, which has become a national heritage.

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