The G.M. Petukhov Municipal Dance Ensemble «Yeniseiskie Zori/Yeniseian Zori» is considered to be among the main cultural brands of Krasnoyarsk and a true keeper of Siberian dancing tradition.

Today, Yeniseiskie Zori is an established part of both Russian and world culture, with the collective’s high skill and passion for authentic Siberian culture. The ensemble boasts of having regular tours in more than thirty countries all over the world with even more to be visited in the future. Moreover, invitations to such iconic international festivals as Harbin Summer Music and Russian Culture in Japan have been a fine addition to the Yeniseiskie Zori’s portfolio for quite some time.

The ensemble shows have it all – tales and legends, lyric poetry and comedy pieces, yet something remains invariable: balance between high professionalism and emotion of its performance. Every concert of the Yeniseiskie Zori dance ensemble is a big cultural event and a celebration, leaving audiences an impression of powerful Siberia for years to come.